Switching From Warfarin to Xarelto

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When Rivaroxaban (Xarelto) received approval in 2010, it seemed like a natural progression for Warfarin patients to switch from Warfarin to Xarelto. Warfarin patients had to go through regular blood testing, dosage changes, and dietary restrictions just to have the drug be effective. Warfarin had been one of the more well known anticoagulants on the market. Warfarin was first introduced in 1954.

Xarelto, however promised to be the new, more convenient anticoagulant. Rivaroxaban Xarelto, more commonly referred to as Xarelto, gave new hope to patients with AFib or DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). The new drug promised a "one-dose-fits-all" premise that would make Xarelto more convenient for patients and doctors alike. Regularly scheduled blood work that Warfarin required was not required for Rivaroxaban Xarelto patients.

Looking at it from the perspective of a Warfarin patient, who wouldn't want to switch from Warfarin to Xarelto? The Xarelto package insert only mentioned that the switch to Xarelto could be made when the patient's INR was < 3.0.

Also, an effective marketing campaign from Janssen Pharmaceutica with a Xarelto commercial featuring comedian Kevin Nealon, golfer Arnold Palmer, and NASCAR driver Brian Vickers helped Xarelto revenues to top $1 Billion in 2014.